5 Tips to Budget for Group Travel Success

rockstarIt’s a matter of fact that your group-marketing budget will parallel your organization’s commitment to the group travel segment. Your business may expect a significant amount of revenue from group business and be totally dedicated to a year-round program. The traditional leisure group traveler, plus sports, student/youth and other special interest groups, may all be on your radar.

Still other organizations or destinations may look to groups for filling your “value” season,” or you may only appeal to a single special interest niche market and need to target them. Both commitments have their place and of course how you budget will support those objectives.

#1: Update your brand’s website, now.

#2: Get active in your local groups.

#3: The group tour industry is high-touch, not high tech.

#4: Update your profile sheets.

#5: The need to advertise to groups.

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