About Us

Premier Travel Media (PTM) is the leading media source serving the group travel industry through its digital, print and custom content. PTM features trusted brands including Leisure Group Travel, Sports Planning Guide, Student Travel Planning Guide, Reunions Workbook and Religious Travel Planning Guide.

Founded in 1999, the company filled the void of publishing companies that could address the rapid changes happening in the group travel market. The company continues to evolve offering new brands and services that support the needs of group travel leaders, buyers, and advertisers.


Jeff Gayduk, Publisher

After spending a decade in the travel industry (stints include a cruise line, travel agency consortia, international tour operator and an inbound tour business), Jeff started PTM in 1999 after noticing a lack of publishers that could serve the immense amount of changes happening in the group travel industry. Today, Jeff still drives the team to set a higher standard for engaging content that serves the group travel market.

Favorite Places Traveled
“My next? Domestically, it’s impossible to beat Alaska for scenery. For a big city, I have to go with my hometown of Chicago. Internationally, I have to say, Amsterdam. It’s such a cornucopia of cultures, new and modern meets with historical engineering feats.”

Lance Harrell, Chief Development Officer

Holding a Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oklahoma State University with further Doctoral Studies in Genetics at the University of Utah Medical School, Lance Harrell has always been interested in technology and began moonlighting in web design work during school. This part-time hobby exploded into a full-time position after graduation where he expanded his expertise to include SEO/SEM, Content Marketing, Information Systems Management and Design, and Social Media Marketing.

Favorite Places Traveled
"I'm a naturalist, adventurist and world citizen at heart, so when I travel I seek cultural experiences where I can wander in the wilderness of the destination, away from traditional tourist spots and crowds. Some of my favorite experiences were camping in the Tanzanian Serengeti with Masai, sea-kayaking in the fords of Patagonia, Chile and hiking through the Peruvian Amazon rain-forest. My ultimate travel ambition however is to make it into space one day."

Theresa O’Rourke, Vice President of Sales

Theresa started her 20-year career as a travel agent and quickly learned that group travel is where she wanted to be. There is nothing better than sending a group of people to a destination and knowing that you helped them to fulfill their travel dreams. Theresa spent a good portion of her career planning and operating group tours, learning the secret ingredients to making a good trip spectacular and ensuring each person on that motorcoach felt the tour was customized just for them.

Favorite Places Traveled
“Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island in Door County Wisconsin. While not the typical “idyllic” white sand beach, the beach is made up entirely of smooth rock. I enjoy a beach cookout, starting with taking the ferry across the peninsula, and spending the entire day with family and friends cooking, eating laughing, swimming in Lake Michigan waters.

Dave Bodle, Associate Publisher

Dave brings more than 25-years experience in group travel. He is the former owner & publisher of “The Carolina Explorer” and “The Virginia Explorer” magazines for tour & travel professionals. With PTM since 2010, he has been a regular destination feature contributor and marketing column author.
Bodle is a speaker and seminar facilitator. His programs “The Bus Stops Here” and “Packaged, Wrapped and Ready to Go” have been presented to both large and small destination marketing organizations and their partners.

Favorite Places Traveled
“A Southerner by choice for almost 40 years any place in the South with a coastal shoreline ranks high on my list. I’ve certainly been to more exotic destinations, but I genuinely appreciate the beauty of the ocean, bayous, inlets and marshes of the Southeast United States.”

Randy Mink, Managing Editor

Randy Mink, managing editor, has written travel articles for newspapers, magazines and websites for more than 40 years. He is a longtime member of the Society of American Travel Writers and Midwest Travel Writers Association. His travel industry experience includes working in the offices of student travel companies—doing everything from selling European train passes to writing itineraries. Randy also has been a tour director for senior and student groups. He has been to more than 70 countries and taken 34 cruises.

Favorite Places Traveled
“Europe has always been at the top of my list. I especially like London and could spend weeks there without getting bored (just as I could in New York, my favorite U.S. city).”

Rob Wyszkowski, Director of Design and Production

Robert Wyszkowski pursued his passion for both sports and creativity, accepting a design position with Century Publishing in 1996, and has since gone on to enjoy a rewarding 20-year career within the publishing industry.

Overseeing both the design and production for both books and magazines, Robert has designed over 50 unique titles, with subjects ranging from sports to travel, entertainment and collectibles, and numerous other niche related topics.

Favorite Places Traveled