Announcing the Inaugural All-American Road Trips

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed a lot, but it did not change our love of travel. And now, with more businesses and attractions opening up across the country, planning a road trip sounds like a perfect (and safe) getaway option. In order to help families make a quick return to travel, Premier Travel Media has published an extensive guide to all-things road trips. The inaugural All-American Road Trip guide has everything you and your family need to hit the road this summer, fall or winter.

unnamed (1)This guide has over twenty articles curated from professional travel writers welcoming back the return of  road trips. It includes helpful articles such as, “American Road Trip Budget Planner,” which helps readers calculate the costs of lodging, fuel, food and drink and vehicle costs. “RVING 101: Road Tripping with a Home on Wheels,” is a helpful guide for first-timers to picking the best campground, packing appropriately for the space, and even maintenance for the RV itself.

Want to take a road trip but have no idea where to go? No problem! Besides columns on travel logistics, All-American Road Trips offers a plethora of information on places to go activities to do while you are there. There are articles on various sports stadiums and events in the south, great parks in and around the Rocky Mountains, and many other historic and beautiful places around the United States.

With all the information in the guide about road trips, all you need to decide is who to go with. And yes, you guessed it, there are articles on that as well. It offers great information on places to go and what to do based on the people you are traveling with. For example, “Great All Inclusive Family Vacations in the U.S.,” discusses all-inclusive destinations, and includes age ranges for when it is best to visit with kids. The guide also has great advice for traveling with retired parents, activities to keep the kids entertained, quick stops for college send-off trips, multi-generational guys trips, and the best holiday vacation spots for immediate and extended family.

This 54-page digital publication  is available free of charge at It’s a great way to get up-to-date travel information about destinations you’re eager to visit, along with trusted advice from professional journalists on the best way to do it.

For more information, and access to the  All-American Road Trip guide, contact Premier Travel Media at 630.794.0696 or email