IITA’s Latest Guide Reflects on a Post-Pandemic Recovery for the Inbound Travel Industry

Even though 2020 has been a difficult time for the travel industry, officials from the Inbound International Travel Association understand that these difficulties won’t last forever. They want to make sure that as soon as international travel starts picking back up again, there are safe options and destinations to suit everyone’s travel needs.

unnamedIn order to ensure people stay safe while traveling, the latest edition of IITA’s Inbound Insider has multiple articles on “traveling in the new normal.” This includes World Travel and Tourism Council protocols for businesses and travelers, what the inbound travel industry is doing to promote safety for its customers, and insights from the association’s leadership during times of crisis.

Included in this Inbound Insider issue are ten regional spotlight articles on the best places to travel all across the United States, post recovery. It highlights multiple activities including places like the famous Beverly Center in Los Angeles (the largest collection of retail shops in the city), as well as the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. A special focus on ethnic neighborhoods in place like Chicago’s Greektown and Little Italy helps foreign travelers feel at home while abroad.

To help planners get back to business, the guide includes profiles of 38 IITA tour operator members and a member directory including information about attractions, sightseeing, dining, industry service providers, lodging, and transportation providers. Each entry includes where it is located, a short summary, a phone number, and website for more information.

This new guide is available for free download at https://leisuregrouptravel.com/inbound-insider/. It is a great addition to welcome travelers back to the United States when the industry opens back up again.