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Sports Planning Guide (SPG) helps sports event planners envision their next first-class event through trends, insights and destination information. SPG focuses on providing content that brings together resources that facilitate planners in creating efficiently run tournament and events in destinations that suit the unique aspect/nature of their sport.

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Why investing in sports tourism is a winning strategy.

Build it, and they will come!

  • Cities that host sporting events can see economic benefits such as infrastructure development, outside investment, and prestige. Even smaller events bring spectators with participants who boost revenue for local businesses and services. But to get into the game they must build facilities and hope that they will draw events that lead to a positive return.
  • Investing in sports event tourism is a long term commitment and having a strategic marketing outreach program can mean hosting events that result in many years of increased revenue. Contact us about how Sports Planning Guide can extend your reach to key decision makers.

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