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A trusted source for student travel planners, leaders and educators. Student Travel Planning Guide (STPG) delivers essential student travel planning content/articles that provide advice and inspiration to help travel group leaders achieve a memorable rite-of-passage trip for their students.


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Why Student Travel Groups are a Smart Target!

Student groups are repeat customers!
Once a trip planner enjoys their experience you can rebook annually since they use similar itineraries year after year.

Same decision maker year after year.
Student groups often have the same planner for several years, so showcasing your brand to travel planners makes them familiar with your student group services.

Student groups multiply.
Trip sponsors will share experiences with other traveling teachers in their district. Get one student group, and your business is likely to see more.

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Travel planners, group leaders and sponsors and tour consultants that plan travel for student groups that range from elementary school through college.


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