Travel Sellers Guide to Successful Partnering & Packaging

rockstarAt the risk of oversimplification, buyers are interested in destinations and themes. To sell both you need to experience both. From our very first offering in the Rock Star Series we’ve encouraged you to develop relationships with like-minded businesses in your community. We’ve suggested visiting and experiencing what other suppliers are offering to the market. Likewise, we’ve encouraged you to make certain that other suppliers in your destination experience your product or service.

Need to Know Basis

Tour planners are most comfortable when they’re working with knowledgeable suppliers, so if you’re going to be successful in cultivating relationships in the group sector, you need to know things like what time the art museum opens. A hotelier needs to know the drive time and mileage to the historic home and gardens. Restaurants need to know what time a groups needs to arrive to assure dinner isn’t rushed and they’re on time for the theater’s meet and greet and 7:30 P.M. show time.

Having the nuts & bolts knowledge that assists a planner in putting together a workable itinerary is priceless. It’s a great beginning for any supplier on the road to becoming a Rock Star. The next step is to open your imagination and let your creative juices flow!

This might be a little difficult to sell the boss at first, but you’re not just in the business of selling hotel rooms, plated dinners, museum visits or whatever your business might be. Your customer is selling packaged travel while creating memories – you should, too.

The solution is to partner with other suppliers in your destination to create unbelievable options that fill an itinerary. Remember to keep it local and unique to your destination.

Here are just a few examples to kick-start your thinking:

  • Dinner & Show
  • Museum Marvels
  • Farm to Table
  • Drop a Line, Drop a Dollar

Don’t Forget – Partners creating and packaging exciting tour options is certainly a good thing. However, like personal and business relationships, how the money is handled is critical to their success.

Before starting your marketing be certain to know these three things:

  1. Partners need to be on the same page with group policies. Consider the number needed to be considered a group and when reservations and deposits are required. What’s the price for your packaged option? Will the pricing be tiered?
  2. Which partner will be responsible for collecting the money? How and when will funds be distributed among partners?
  3. What’s your budget and marketing strategy? Which partner will be responsible for placements and payments?

Suppliers in the tour & travel business get great pleasure from both selling their product or service and helping to create good memories for their visitors. Partnering and Packaging opens the door to experience both goals.

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