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November 4, 2021: Willowbrook, IL – Poised to make a strong comeback in 2022, the domestic group travel marketplace offers destinations a unique opportunity to bring back tourism dollars in bunches.

According to a study by the American Bus Association (ABA), an overnight group visit produces more than $5,000 in economic impact for local economies. This is a much-needed boost for communities still struggling with how to recover and rebuild.

But success in the group travel industry requires a plan. It takes persistence and patience to develop the relationships necessary to woo motorcoach group travel, but once destinations commit to the market, the reward can be substantial.

“Leisure groups provide a stimulus of activity for destinations when they need it most,” said Jeff Gayduk, publisher of Leisure Group Travel. “Since groups tend to travel during weekdays and prefer shoulder and off-season, the impact is substantial for tourism interests that seek to round out their marketing strategy.”

Gayduk points to group trips such as a winter tour to Chicago that stays at the new Sable Hotel at iconic Navy Pier. “What’s unique about this trip is that A) it’s to Chicago in the dead of winter, which any hotel, restaurant or attraction would love to have, and B) this trip starts on a Sunday night when most hotels struggle to bring in business. Since it’s always 72 degrees inside museums and local restaurants, groups are a perfect way to drive revenue when you need it most!”

Leading Industry Platform

When it comes to reaching groups, Leisure Group Travel is the platform that more destination marketing professionals prefer. Its digital offerings, weekly newsletter and industry-leading publications provide inspiration and ideas for over 100,000 audience members made up of tour operators, travel agents, faith, affinity and niche group travel planners.

Readying for a breakout industry in 2022, Leisure Group Travel has just released its new media kit. The advertising planner helps travel suppliers promote their products and services through ground-breaking techniques that will help them reinvigorate group sales. “If you can service groups, you should be marketing to groups, and this planner has tons of ideas that help you do just that,” said Dave Bodle, associate publisher. “Our team is ready to discuss fresh ides for rebuilding this important segment.”

The 2022 media planner can be downloaded directly at Premier Travel Media’s website. Click here for immediate access.

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