Destination Film Guide

November 5, 2021, Willowbrook, IL – Seeking to forge stronger ties between film producers, directors, location scouts and North American destinations, Destination Film Guide has launched a new e-newsletter and media planner.

The InSite on Film Destinations e-newsletter debuts later this month with an initial reach of 6,000 studio executives, movie directors and location managers. With a focus on North America, InSite will deliver updates about new on-location film shoots, tax incentives, interviews and deep dives into both popular and off-the-beaten path destinations.

“We’re excited to provide readers with a diverse selection of content that includes director Q&As, news stories and in-depth location profiles”, said Miles Dobis, associate editor at Destination Film Guide. ”Our readerships is always searching for new locations to distinguish their projects, and we have the resources to help them do it.” InSite’s production schedule calls for 26 annual editions featuring ready-to-film destinations from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Fresh off the debut of its inaugural print edition, Destination Film Guide has also published its 2022 media planner. Articulating distribution details, editorial features, content marketing programs, plus digital and print advertising opportunities for the coming year, the planner provides North American film commissions the tools they need to build their film business.

“We could not be more pleased with our inaugural edition,” said Jeff Gayduk, publisher. “We’ve received dozens of compliments from new readers and advertisers who were pleased with the quality of the content and advertisements. This  indicates we’re on track and our mission now becomes building this platform.”

The new media planner takes the Destination Film platform from start-up to legitimacy with an array of budget options available. “Any film commission that sat on the sidelines for the debut edition should earnestly consider this new platform,” concluded Gayduk.

About Destination Film Guide

Successfully launched in the teeth of the COVID-19 pandemic, Destination Film Guide was built as a resource for the North American film market. With pertinent feature stories, timely editorial and content marketing articulating important details that decision-makers need to make informed location choices, the magazine was a smash hit with producers, directors and location scouts looking to find closer-to-home destinations. For more information about Destination Film Guide, visit the website.