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Unlock New Group Sales Opportunities in Group Travel Directory

Your year-round group market solution

For 11 years running, the annual Group Travel Directory is the industry’s largest and leading resource for locating group-friendly destinations, attractions, hotels and service providers.

  • Distribution: 25,000 tour operators, group travel agents, group leaders, niche travel groups
  • Frequency: Published each November, advertising deadline September 15
  • Rates: $1,095 to $4,995 includes print ad, online listing and year-round marketing package

Enable Your Sales Efforts with These 5 Group Travel Directory Keys:

key #1 affordable

1) Affordable

  • Reach NEW groups for less than 5 pennies
  • Everybody’s trying to stretch their budget these days. It’s reassuring then to know that Group Travel Directory (GTD) is the most cost-effective placement you can make in the market. With a cost per impression as little as 4 cents per travel group, it’s the most affordable investment you can make in the group space.
  • For CVB’s, we double your ad space with matching Destination Showcases (1/2 page and larger). By providing a robust content voice alongside your brand you’re influencing groups to choose you for their next holiday.
  • Look smart, be thrifty

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Sample 1/2 Page Placement
Sample 1/2 Page Placement

key NO. 1 (1)

2) Searchable

Be found whenever buyers hunt for fresh travel ideas – in print + online

  • What’s fun and unique in your state? That’s a question a lot of travel planners ask when scouting out new tours. That question is answered in November’s print guide where your ad and listing are placed directly within your state section for super easy reference.
  • Online, your listing is highlighted within your state section of, and alongside search results on, and When someone is researching articles, reading news or browsing itineraries, you’re there.
  • Your online listing is also optimized for maximum SEO results in the major search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Direct access whenever and wherever groups are searching

Be Found

See it in Action
See it in Action

key NO. 1 (2)

3) Sociable

Capitalize on the growing social media movement

  • GTD extends your social media outreach by promoting your listing on Facebook and Twitter to our fans/followers via organic posts. While this doesn’t replace your social media efforts, it augments them with a key group of industry influencers.
  • With amplification via # and @, your social media outreach will be great!!!

Be Social

lgt social

key NO. 1 (6)

4) Trackable

Drive new leads, increase direct web traffic

  • With an average of 229 group leads per advertiser, GTD is a powerhouse of new lead gen. Powered by our industry exclusive lead generation system, iTrack, weekly email reports recap your leads so they are ready to upload directly to your CRM.
  • With skyrocketing ppc costs, online marketers are trying to drive more direct web traffic. GTD provides valuable inbound link to your website, resulting in more direct traffic and a lift to your search rankings.
  • Boost your leads, boost your SEO rankings

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key NO. 1 (5)

5) Everywhere-able

No matter how big your budget, you can’t be everywhere

  • That’s where GTD’s trade show distribution strategy comes in handy. Travel planners gobble up this resource at up to 30 trade shows annually, including the large association (ABA, NTA, USTOA) conferences, regional showcases, niche market events and major international travel shows. This key distribution strategy picks up new readers throughout the year.
  • Email marketing is an important promotional tactic for any travel business. We feature your listing in the weekly InSite e-newsletter, inviting 10,000+ travel groups to learn more about what you have to offer.
  • Be seen in different spaces and more places

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