Custom Itineraries bring destinations to life and influence group travel planners through story building.

Premier Travel Media develops custom itineraries that highlight a destination’s unique sites and attractions. As experts at crafting content designed for the group travel market, we help DMO’s reenvision what makes their destination group travel-friendly. Don’t let planners miss the best of what your region has to offer, inspire them to include your must-see and hidden destination sites in their travel plans.

Itinerary Options

  1. We redesign your existing itineraries
  2. We redevelop and redesign your current itineraries and add missing elements
  3. We start from scratch and help you identify new markets and then develop new exciting itineraries copy

Let us promote your unique sample itineraries!
We will share your group travel itineraries to one or a mix of our brand audiences in print and online. You can select a stand-alone itinerary or pair it with an ad package for greater brand exposure.

Benefits of Itineraries

  • Themed itineraries create new reasons for groups to visit
  • Showcase new and unique attractions and services
  • Custom itineraries look great online and on paper
  • SEO-friendly websites drive traffic to your itineraries
  • Online itineraries track leads and show groups' interests

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Additional Itinerary Services

  • Onsite Consultation - We will meet with you to develop itineraries from our first-hand experience
  • Itinerary Building Workshop - Host a half-day session for your CVB members to learn essential components of itinerary building

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Results Guarantee

In today’s marketplace, it’s essential to see a return on your marketing investment. Premier Travel Media's (PTM) commitment to measuring and delivering results is evident in our delivery of over 30,000 leads annually to our clients.

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