The Intersection of Film Production and Great Locations

It’s a new era for the film production industry. Somewhere, a director’s mothballed project will be brought back to life. A producer’s best idea yet will become reality. A location manager’s dream destination will appear in direct sight. 

Destination Film Guide was created as a recovery tool for the film production industry. Facing increased restrictions and tightened budgets, film producers need beautiful, safe and convenient locations where they can shoot their projects. That’s why we’re here, focused on North America. 

Through both feature articles and branded content marketing, we will showcase locations across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. Armed with updated data and fresh locations, film crews and talent will be able to schedule and complete projects faster.

Brand Details


  • 10,000* – Print Distribution
  • 8,500 – E-Newsletter Subscribers
  • 30 – Group Travel-Related Events

*Estimated based on time of launch

Target Audience

  • Location scouts, directors and producers.

Print Edition Published

  • March

Advertising Deadline

  • Print: 45 Days Prior to Publish Date
  • Online: 30 Days Prior to Publish Date

Explore the Brand

  • Website (Coming Jan 1, 2021)

Capture Interest Through Expert Storytelling

There’s no better way to draw a prospect closer to your brand than outstanding content production and delivery. Across the Destination Film channels we will create engaging, performance-based, SEO-friendly branded content with strategically placed calls-to-action. Combined with an elegant display of your best photographic assets, this compelling presentation draws prospects directly to you.

Join Our Inaugural Edition

Scheduled to be published in early 2021, Destination Film Guide will be a fashion magazine-quality print and digital publication. Featuring editorial stories pertinent to producers, directors and location scouts, we will include interviews, forecasts, trends and safety protocols. We will cover the return to film production and inform readers of all the latest incentives. The Destinations section will be organized by region, with branded content packages helping destinations distinguish themselves by highlighting their unique attributes. Estimated circulation: 12,000 members of the Producers Guild of America, Writers Guild of America, and Location Managers Guild.

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