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Destination Film Guide was created as a resource for directors, producers, location scouts and agencies to find great film locations, understand important tax incentive programs and stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

Through both feature articles and branded content marketing, Destination Film Guide showcases ready-to-film locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Locations looking to attract film crews can rely on the trusted Destination Film Guide platform to reach decision-makers across the industry.

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  • Directors, producers, creative agencies and location scouts

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  • Spring/Summer

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  • Print: 45 Days Prior to Publish Date
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Destination Film Guide is an annual print and digital publication featuring editorial stories, interviews, forecasts, trends and safety protocols pertinent to producers, directors and location scouts. We cover on-location film production and inform readers of all the latest tax incentives. Branded content marketing packages help destinations distinguish themselves by highlighting their unique attributes in order to stand out in a competitive industry.


Advertise your services on with a sleek, mobile-friendly design, relevant content and important film production news. With our online platform, promoting your brand to producers, location scouts, directors and agencies is simple!


InSite from Destination Film Guide reaches the inboxes of major production studios, independent producers, location scouts, directors and agencies twice per month. Each edition includes fresh articles, brand promotions, video and featured content from our advertising partners.

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