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Destinations, resorts, hotels and major attractions can tap into the lucrative family travel market with Destination Reunions. Fresh off a major brand transformation, our platform attracts family and reunion travel planners through helpful content driven by expert SEO tactics. Our universe of 44,000 is primarily female (74%) and makes the decision when it comes to where and when reunions are held.

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Enormous Market Size

More than 300,000 reunions are held in the U.S. each year, so branding your business as a reunion-friendly destination is an excellent way to attract more multi-generational travelers.

It’s An Every Year Get-Together!

50% of family reunions get together every year. The primary purpose of reunion travel is to reunite families in an environment that offers something for every group member. If your destination can deliver the promise of a family-friendly and enjoyable experience, yours is the perfect spot for groups to return year after year!

Bigger Group Sizes

66% of reunion groups range from 31-100 participants. Manageable in size but significant in revenue impact.

Attract Boomers

According to AARP 2019 Boomer Travel Trends, 4.6 million boomers travel to attend a reunion each year.

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Our content covers reunion tips for multi-generational and skip-generation vacations. We offer reunion-specific destination reviews, planning tools and activity ideas that invigorate the entire experience. Whether a reunion is a collaborative affair or professionally-planned trip, Destination Reunions is where reunions get started!

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