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Premier Travel Media’s production team delivers stunning print and digital publications with powerful editorial focused on niche travel markets and hyper-focused destination content.


Our Print Channels

We concentrate on what matters most in the B2B travel space, making connections. Our publications and travel guides have gained a stronghold inside the offices of 100,000 leisure, religious, reunions, sports, film and student travel planners because of our commitment to deliver insider intel through the watchful eyes of experienced editors. With easy-to-read layouts, we’re in high-demand online and offline.

Print Display Ads

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With print display ads you can place your brand message adjacent to relevant content. Select a market that matches your desired audience or run a campaign across all of our platforms. Advertising across the Premier Travel Media brands gives your business the best opportunity to be seen and create awareness of your group-friendly services.

Content Marketing

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We start by planning our editorial calendars around problem-solving content and search trends that continue to grow our audiences.

Next we leverage our editorial team to create native content marketing for your brand that best fits into a given calendar topic. We can showcase your destination and services with a Site InSpection or custom-built itinerary. 

Digital Edition Sponsorships

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If you are looking to maximize your lead generation potential all of our print publications offers a single exclusive sponsorship which includes:

  • Your logo on the digital cover
  • A full-page ad on the inside cover of the digital edition
  • A special branding module on the primary page for that digital edition which includes copy, video and a clickable logo.
  • A trackable 728×90 banner ad placed in all the content pages for that edition
  • Branding across the entire download and delivery of the digital edition
  • LEADS – you get the contact information of everyone that downloads that edition of the guide.

Best of all, your sponsorship is PERMANENT, meaning your investment will continue to pay dividends year after year.

Your Partner in Custom Publishing

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We develop print and online custom publications that wow group travel planners, plus we manage sales efforts and distribution to your target audience and ours. For associations, national tourism offices, state organizations and DMOs, custom publishing can be the answer to superior publications without the burden of producing brand-dedicated content in-house.

All Roads Lead to iTrack

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Accountability is our number one priority. Your campaign includes detailed reporting through our iTrack platform.


Each print magazine includes a service provider request card that delivers lead requests to advertisers through our iTrack lead generation platform.

5 Reasons Why Print Media Remains a Powerful Promotional Channel


According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, traditional media is the most trusted source for news and information. Magazine publishers maintain a unique relationship with readers, demonstrated by the strong engagement magazine brands enjoy across print, web, mobile, social and email platforms.

These attributes are among the many benefits traditional media offers to advertisers who wish to connect with influential and passionate readers. Consistently, magazine media outranks web, TV and radio in key measurement indexes such as Trust, Brand Lift, Longevity and Return on Investment.

These were among the 100+ findings of the 2020 Magazine Media Factbook study, presented by the 102-year-old Association of Magazine Media. For over 25 years the MPA has published the Factbook, considered one of the most widely read sources and relied-upon tools for the media industry.

Traditional Media and Search are the Most Trusted

Fact: 139 New Print Magazines Were Launched in 2019

Faith in search results has eroded 4 percentage points since 2017, while magazine trust has grown 3 points over the same span.  Both mediums registered a 61% consumer trust factor. Owned media is trusted by just 46% of consumers, while social media registered a 40% trust factor.

magfactbook trusted
brand lift 3

Print Advertising Lifts More Brands

Fact: print advertising outperforms digital ads across the board. (Dynata)

This statement is particularly true at the “lower funnel” where print ads do a much better job (10.6%) of introducing a brand to customers than digital (4.6).

But even at the highest level of the sales funnel, print outperforms digital by 3.3 points.

ROI Shines with Magazines

Fact: 95% of consumers under the age of 35 read magazines.

When compared to TV and Digital, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is higher with magazines. The latter outperforms digital by over a 2.5 – 1 margin.

magfactbook ROAS
magfactbook neuroscience

Paper Readers Remember More

There’s neuroscience behind why paper-based reading shines. Print readers are more focused and have a higher comprehension and recall. Paper-based reading is preferred by a majority of consumers, even millennials.

Magazine Readers are More Receptive to Ads

Appropriateness is the keyword to define magazine brand advertising. While print and TV viewers consider advertising intrusive, magazines shine in terms of delivering attention, trustworthiness, life-enhancing inspiration and social interaction.

magazine receptive new

A huge thank you to MPA for insight into the magazine industry and for providing access to the report.

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