February 3, 2022 — Willowbrook, Illinois … Even with a grand metropolis like Chicago, one would be remiss to overlook prime sporting destinations throughout the State of Illinois. Charming locales range from smaller cities to rural spots, featuring state-of-the-art facilities for all types of sports events. The 2022 Illinois Guide by Sports Planning Guide (SPG) makes discovering these destinations straightforward with in-depth coverage all in one place.

From Lake County in the northeast to the Great Rivers & Routes southwest, SPG’s 2022 Illinois Guide covers every region of the state with 71 facilities across 15 destinations. Each destination’s Site InSpection delves into the essence of what makes each facility unique, providing great detail on critical information to make the host selection process for event planners a little easier. Along with planner perspectives on facilities, which impart direct insight from those within the sports tourism industry, additional popular activities are highlighted for downtime fun and relaxation.

“SPG’s guide allows event planners a one-stop shop when looking for premium sports facilities, not only in [Lake County], but from the beautiful State of Illinois,” said Teresa Lewis, sports event specialist of Visit Lake County, IL.

The Illinois guide also contains two key feature articles. First, escape from city life to learn what makes Illinois’ outdoor spaces enchanting, detailing water adventures, wooden environs, scenic trails and more. SPG also looks at Sports Illinois, one of the first state-led sports tourism organizations in the United States, and how the group’s sports attractions have created a sizable economic impact.

The 2022 edition of the Illinois state guide is now available both in print format and via digital download. To reserve your copy, visit SportsPlanningGuide.com.

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